About Me

Welcome to Ariane Bakes. I’m Ariane, the pastry chef.

I spent my childhood on a plantation where we were surrounded by sugar cane and fruit trees. Having grown up with abundant creativity and sugar in my family, delicious treats were often on hand.

I immersed myself into baking to fill the quiet evenings when my husband worked on a job that kept him away from home for weeks on end.

I spent over 25 years working in the corporate world before I even picked up a piping bag. When Covid-19 happened and work dried up, I decided to immerse myself even more into baking and studied at patisserie school for 18 months. I enrolled to learn new skills and to gain formal qualifications and credibility but I still credit my mother, maternal grandmother, a handful of brilliant chefs, YouTube and social media for inspiring and initially teaching me much of what I know about baking. 

Ariane Bakes is a registered home business, insured and permitted by the City of Stirling in Western Australia. I am qualified, Alert in Food Safety and have National Police clearance.